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COBOL flowchart

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Automatic Flowcharting Products
Whether you're after mere program/system documentation, or orientation materials for a new analyst; perhaps you need to know just "what the heck" an old program is doing; add your own manual edits to automatically generated structure charts for that custom presentation - we have your flowcharting tools.

Programs change often. Maintenance, new development, changes in documentation requirements,those legacy programs with long ago forgotten logic - all good examples of instances where automatic flowcharting is an invaluable tool.

Two options are available to you ...

(1) CyberMetrics Workbench™: free access to detail COBOL flowchart generator (see above).

(2)  The legendary PowerStructure®: our desktop COBOL structure chart and flowcharting tool  - available for purchase:  have a closer look ... .
COBOL flowchart generator tool - PowerStructure®